About Us

Twinkle Enterprises has more than one thousand products of both decorative and functional uses, including waterglobes, music boxes, tree ornaments, picture frames, candle holders, night lights, windchimes, and many others.

Twinkle is known for our unique and charming waterglobes and music boxes. We have a large variety in designs which enjoys worldwide patents for their mechanical features such as automatic blowing glitter. Each piece is designed to tell a story that appeal to collectors of all ages.

At Twinkle Enterprises, we take pride in the products we sell and ensure all our products are produced with the highest standards. Thanks to our diverse pool of designers and skilled artisans, we are able to meet your needs and requests. Our goal is to work with you, our valued customer, to get your thoughts and ideas on how to expand our collectible lines.

High quality, competitive pricing and efficient customer service all contribute to the quick growth of Twinkle Enterprises in the wholesale gift market. Moreover, the exquisitely crafted Twinkle products are enjoyable by collectors of all ages. If you have a retail store in Canada or United States and is interested in carrying our products, please fill in our online catalog request form. If you are located outside North America, please contact your regional sales distributor. Twinkle currently has distributor in United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Australia. You can find their contact details on our international distributor page.