Q) Why do waterglobes get air bubbles?
A) There are various reasons why waterglobes develop air bubbles. High heat can cause evaporation of the water in the globe, extreme cold can cause freezing and temporarily shrink the rubber that holds in the water of the globe, some water may leak out as it defrost therefore causing an air bubble. Another possibility is trapped air in the lining of the seal that may be forced out during shipping because of the vibrations of the plane, truck or boat. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee waterglobes will not develop an air bubble now or in the future.

Q) Do you have an online store or a catalog that I can purchase from directly?
A) We are strictly a wholesale giftware company and only supply to retail stores. Please click here to check out our store locator for retailer in your area. If you are looking for retailers outside of North America, please click here for International search.

Q) Tell me more about the waterglobe functions.
A) Every globe is unique and may have a different way to activate it. If there is a metal key on the bottom you have to turn the key clockwise to activate it. Be careful to only turn it twice around to avoid damaging the musical mechanism. If the water globe has a special function like a light feature it may have a switch on the bottom of the piece, slide the switch to the “On” position to get it to work. If you are a retailer and cannot get your item(s) to work please call the head office so we can help you with this problem. If you purchased this item from a retail store please go back to this store and they will be able to help you.

Q) There is something wrong with my waterglobe what can I do about it?
A) If you purchased your products for resale from Twinkle Enterprises Ltd. please contact us with the item number, invoice number and reason for your claim and we will do our best to correct the error, defect or problem. If you purchased your waterglobe through a retail store please return to the store with your receipt and they will assist you based on their store policy. Please note that as with any product there is a time limit to how long it is guaranteed.

Q) The waterglobe worked when I first purchased it. But when i showed it to the customer it wouldn't play. I tried to turn the key but it just wouldn't budge. What is wrong with it?
A) It sounds like your waterglobe has been over wound. This is not caused by a defect in the product and there is unfortunately nothing that can be done about it. The spring inside the waterglobe has been over stretched and has either jammed or broke in the process. Please only turn your key twice around in the clockwise direction.

Q) My customer wants to send a waterglobe overseas, is this ok?
A) Waterglobes are safe to travel but there is a risk of breakage as any item being shipped overseas. Please make sure you package it carefully with extra padding and styrofoam to ensure it is not damaged on the voyage. Please be aware though that air bubbles and breakages that occur during the voyage are at the customer's risk.